Information regarding Christmas Gifts

Dear Link Customer,

Christmas is just around the corner and experience shows that our customers will soon be sending off their first batch of Christmas presents.

To avoid any customs issues and to ensure that your Christmas presents arrive on time, please see our recommendations below.

We know from experience, that most presents have a relatively low value and are only for private use.

However, there are still major variations between what different destinations impose in terms of rules and restrictions on parcels containing gifts. That’s why it’s worth checking the following:

  • Does the gift contain anything that are illegal to import to the relevant destination, or does it require special approval from the authorities?
  • Does the destination accept tax- and duty-free import of gifts – and if not, who will pay this charge?
  • Is it possible to send DDP (Delivered Duty Paid = sender pays duty and VAT) to the relevant destination, and will your company pay this charge?
    (Please note that there is a fee for DDP shipments)
  • What information needs to be written on the invoice when the shipment is sent to a country outside the EU?

It is typically the same type of content we see in shipments containing gifts, so we have decided to list those that most often causes difficulties in customs:

Food (all types)

Some destinations do not accept imports of any types of food.

Be particularly careful with the US, which requires approval from the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) for all types of food.

Please be aware of the following types:

Some destinations impose a sugar tax on food containing sugar.

Alcohol and chocolate containing alcohol
Some destinations do not accept alcohol – this also applies to chocolate with an alcohol filling.

Please contact our Service Center for any questions regarding shipments containing gifts.

For Link to be able to check the details about the content of your shipments, please provide the following information:

  • Recipient country
  • Recipient type (company / private individual)
  • Description of all goods
  • Value of all goods

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to provide the latest ship dates for delivery before Christmas, as the period leading up to Christmas is a hectic time and our network will be very busy. We therefore recommend that you send your shipments Express – and in plenty of time.

Yours sincerely,
Link Logistics