Brexit Preparation

Brexit is around the corner and we would like to prepare you in case of a no deal Brexit.

If no new trade agreement is concluded before 31 December 2020 and the transition period is not extended, all trade between the United Kingdom (UK) and the EU will be subject to the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) per January 1, 2021. The UK thus becomes a separate customs territory, where shipments moving to and from are liable to customs and other duties.

However, this does not apply to Northern Ireland, which will still be part of the EU customs union. The country code for Northern Ireland will be changed from GB to XI. This is important when booking shipments, as the correct country code must be selected.

All over the world, courier companies are changing and upgrading their production to handle dutiable shipments from and to the UK. Unfortunately, this also involves additional costs. Per. January 1, 2021 we therefore have to introduce a Brexit surcharge on all shipments to and from the UK of 40 DKK per. shipment to cover these costs. Your freight rates will remain unchanged.

There are several steps we recommend you take now to prepare your business for Brexit:


1. Sign up for an EORI number

When exporting goods to countries outside the EU, a company must be registered as an exporter.

The company will be assigned an EORI-number, which is a special EU number for exporting companies.

Such a number is needed to move goods from and to the UK from January 1, 2021.

Please note that the registration process may take time, so make sure to register as soon as possible.

You can read more about how to register the company as an exporter in:





2. VAT

From 1 January, 2021:

  • If you are the importer, your company is required to pay UK taxes and import VAT.
  • If you deliver directly to your customers (eg. by Incoterm DDP, Delivered Duty Paid), you may need to consider getting VAT registered in the UK.
  • If you sell goods valued at £ 135 or less, you will be responsible for charging and paying UK VAT for these shipments.
    The VAT amount must be paid through your UK VAT registration.
  • If you sell goods to the UK valued at over £ 135, the importer is responsible for paying the UK VAT.


3. Appoint a registered importer if the recipient is not the importer himself.

The importer is responsible for your customs declarations. If you are exporting to the UK, the importer must be a UK entity, with a UK EORI number.


4. Commercial invoice

When you send shipments to a dutiable country, an invoice for customs clearance must be included. By 31 December 2020, this will apply to all shipments between the UK and the EU also.


There is still much to be clarified about Brexit and we will keep you informed as soon as we learn more. We will regularly post updates on our bookingsite as we get closer to Brexit.

Please contact our service center on +45 70 10 45 00 or if you have any questions.



COVID-19 Update 16-11-2020

Several countries are now partially or fully in lockdown, due to COVID 19

Our carriers will continue to be operational globally, however the authorities’ instructions concerning precautions will be enforced, which may lead to delays

The lockdown will have an impact on deliveries to businesses that are closed, as well as on the parcel shop deliveries. There is a risk, that many parcel shops will be closed, and it will not be possible to deliver as desired.

If you have to ship to Europe and you know that the recipient does not have the opportunity to be present on delivery, we recommend that you wait to ship to avoid excessive amounts of accumulated goods on the terminals.


US and India

Due to the COVID 19 situation and the resulting restrictions we are experiencing significant backlog

This in turn means we are experiencing delays in customs and transit time to and from these destinations in general.

As all goods to Canada pass through the United States, shipments to Canada are also affected by the same type of delays.


Australia, New Zealand and Singapore

We are currently experiencing delays due to large volumes of shipments. As Singapore is connecting Europe and Australia / New Zealand, this also affects shipments to these destinations.


Hong Kong

We are currently experiencing a large volume of shipments to Hong Kong due, to COVID 19. This may result in additional delays.


We will keep you updated on the COVID 19 situation and the effects on services globally.

You are always welcome to contact our service center. We are ready to help you with any questions have. Contact us via e-mail on or give us a call on +45 70104500.

COVID-19 Update 16-10-2020

Dear Link Customer


The COVID-19 outbreak continues to disrupt the logistics network around the world and international delivery speed and availability is variable and subject to change quickly.

At Link Logistics, we remain focused and dedicated to providing high quality service to our customers. We are doing our best to ensure that business operations are being continuously adapted to mitigate potential impacts in order for shipments to reach their destination quickly and securely. We continue to monitor the situation in all markets and adjust our network to facilitate the best possible solutions.

Unfortunately, we are still experiencing delays in various parts of the world including Europe. There continues to be back-logs around the world – especially in the US, India and Far East. India i.e. still has freight from June and July waiting to go through customs.

These backlogs impact the shipping and delivery times and even countries that are not directly challenged operationally, can be indirectly impacted by the extensive backlogs in other countries.

Our logistic providers have been forced to send home employees both as preventive measures and to stop local outburst, which has increased the pressure on the remaining part of the workforce.

We expect that the shipment volumes will increase over the coming months in an already pressured network. Therefore, we kindly hope for your understanding and patience concerning transit times.

We and our logistic providers are doing everything we can to ensure efficient operations and deliveries on time while on the same time securing the health and safety of customers, suppliers, and colleagues.

We still recommend sending shipments express over economy as express shipments continue to be prioritized in the operations.

You are always welcome to contact our Service Centre, from where we are ready to assist you with any question you may have. Please reach out via email to or by +45 70104500.

COVID-19 Update 30-06-2020

Dear Link Customer,

At Link Logistics, we are as ever fully committed to servicing our customers and doing our utmost to ensure that shipments reach their destination quickly and securely. We continue to monitor the situation in all markets and adjusting our network to facilitate the best possible solutions.

Unfortunately, the international transport networks are currently under huge pressure and although we experience delays all over the world, especially France, India, Dubai, Africa, Australia, and the Far East are causing slow delivery performance.

Due to these delays and the fact that all logistic providers including UPS, DHL and FedEx struggle to handle backlogs on their facilities, 24-48-hour delays on shipments are still to be expected. While this applies to economy as well as express shipments, express shipments will of course continue to be prioritised.

You are always welcome to contact our Service Centre, from where we are ready to assist you with any question you may have. Please reach out via email to or by +45 70104500.

Thank you for your much-appreciated cooperation.


Anders Martens

CEO, Link Logistics